2019 National Research Council of Thailand PhD Thesis Competition

Ajarn Sorasich has been awarded 3rd prize in the prestigious national PhD thesis competition organized by the National Research Council of Thailand.

His thesis was on

“The Localization of Global Words : The Impact on Thailand’s Foreign Policy Formation and Practices”

“การปริวรรตคำศัพท์ในสังคมโลกให้เป็นท้องถิ่น : ผลกระทบ ต่อการกำหนดและการดำเนินนโยบายต่างประเทศของไทย”

This achievement is all the more impressive given that most awardees were from the scientific field, with only two awards overall presented to research from the political science and public administration fields.

SPD would like to warmly congratulate Ajarn Sorasich. We know this is the fruit of many years of commitment and very hard work.

Check out our interview with Ajarn Ohm where we explore his thesis, his inspiration and his valuable tips for students.

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